Argan Massage Oil 55ml

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The oil contains Vitamin Е (tocopherol) and phenol compounds which have strong antioxidant effect, protect the connective tissue and the skin from free radicals. Argan oil stimulates cellular exchange and facilitates intercellular processes, fights drying and ageing of the skin by regenerating the hydrolipid layer and enhancing the assimilation of nutrients in the cells. The oil recovers scratches, wounds, burns, including such caused by the sun. br>
The balanced composition of unsaturated fatty triglycerides and provitamin A makes the oil really unique. The essential fatty acids fight dehydration and loss of elasticity of the skin by helping the prevention and delay of newly appearing wrinkles. The oil is particularly suitable prior to and after sunbathing.

It relieves itching, reduces dryness of the scalp, stimulates and nourishes hair follicles. High level of vitamin E prevents the hair from splitting, helps it grow faster and makes it more elastic. It has been found that hairs absorb argan oil faster than skin and nails. Moist of hairs is preserved longer, hair is hydrated and protected from ultraviolet rays.

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