Dried Hawthorn Tea Loose Leaf 100g

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Dried Hawthorne Tea Loose Leaf 100g

Hawthorn is known as a gift of nature for those suffering from heart diseases. This plant is not herbaceous, in our country it grows as a shrub. In Bulgarian, the equivalent of the proverb “Out of the frying pan, into the fire” is “Out of the thorn, into the hawthorn” considering its sharp thorns. After all, the healing properties of the hawthorn are so effective that it is often grown in gardens. The effect of the hawthorn is preferred due to the fact that no side effects are observed in prolonged administration, including addiction. You can safely combine hawthorn berry tea with other medicines. We can call hawthorn berry a true “cardiac” herb, it has an extremely positive effect in cardiac rhythm and blood pressure disorders. People suffering from hypertension can regulate their blood pressure very successfully by taking hawthorn berry as tea, infusion or decoction. In folk medicine, it is recommended for prolonged administration, often up to several months, but the alleviation lasts much longer.
Organic dried fruit Hawthorne 100g

Preparation: Infuse one tea spoon in 250ml of hot water for about 5-7 mins.

Packaging: 100g of dried herb

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Category: hawthorn, hawthorn tea, herbal tea

Type: Loose Leaf