Organic Chickpea Puffs Smiles with Coconut Butter 50g | by harmonica

Kuker Store

Beautifully crunchy and yummy, these are SMILES with coconut oil. They have only four ingredients – chickpeas, rice, salt and cold pressed coconut oil. Nothing more. And they’re perfect to enjoy both in the playground and with a pint of beer, or as a rescue package on a crazy day when there’s no time for proper lunch.


Improtant: it's organic, vegan, made of gluten free ingredients
Pet name: "Can I have a smilie?"
Sound: soft crunching, as if there was a little mouse in the house
Storage: on top of the bag so it won't get squished

What's in it

Nothing but organic rice semolina, 29% organic chickpea semolina, 19.7% cold pressed coconut oil, 2% sea salt from the famous Messolonghi saltworks in Greece.

How's it made

It's made by extrusion - the mix is exposed to high temperature and high pressure for a short time, to preserve all the flavours. Extrusion is a gentle method for minimal processing of food. It makes the nutrients in legumes and grains easier to absorb.