Organic Chickpea Puffs Smiles with Sea Salt 50g | by harmonica

Kuker Store

Тhese are the Smiles in the blue package. Irresistably crunchy and delicious. The accent here is the Messolonghi sea salt from the famous Mediterranean salt works in Greece. Our scrumptious puffs have only three ingredients: rice, chickpeas and salt. Nothing more. Those three are all it takes to make it the star of the playground, at the pub or between meetings on a busy day.


It's important that: they are organic and made of gluten free ingredients
We make them because: they are clean and handy to be enjoyed anywhere, any time
Sound: soft crunching that may puzzle your co-workers
Storage: at the top of the shopping bag so they don't get squished

What's in it

71% organic rice semolina, 29% organic chickpea semolina, 2% sea salt from the Messolenghi salt works in Greece. Three ingredients. Nothing more.

How's it made

Made by extrusion - the mixture is treated at a high temperature and pressure for a brief interval, preserving all the flavour. Extrusion is a gentle method for minimal processing of foods. It makes the nutrients in grains and legumes easier to absorb.