Organic Einkorn Sticks with Himalayan Salt 60g | by harmonica

Kuker Store

We combine the super powers of the einkorn with the kids addiction to salty sticks to make this healthy, tasty and sometimes life-saving snack. It’s your best friend on the long road to summer vacation or during a short stroll in the park inbetween meals. Enjoy irresponsibly.


Aroma - of sticks
Colour - yellowish brown
Taste - of salty crackers
Appearance - sticks
Shelf life 1 year

What's in it

Organic einkorn flour, organic coconut oil, organic malt extract, Himalayan salt, yeast, organic sugar and water.

How's it made

When the sticks dough is ready it goes to the extruder machine for shaping the sticks. Then comes the cutting, salting and baking. When they cool down, the sticks go into the packages.