Organic Wafer Classic with Einkorn Sunflower Seed Paste Cocoa and Coconut Oil | by harmonica

Kuker Store

Plain wafers were a fixture among the modest culinary pleasures of our childhood. We decided to get back to this old-school classics eliminating any compromises with the ingredients. We chose a combination of einkorn flour, coconut butter and sunflower seeds paste. We sweetened them with raw cane sugar. And settled down.


Aroma - of sunflower seeds paste
Appearance - classic plain wafer, recognizable by all
Sweetness - the wafer is sweetened with organic raw cane sugar
Storage in a cool and dry place

What's in it

Wholegrain einkorn flour, raw cane sugar, coconut butter, sunflower seed paste, skimmed milk, low-fat cocoa powder, sunflower oil. Raising agent: baking soda and a little salt.

All ingredients come from certified organic farming.

How's it made

The einkorn wafer sheets are baked. All other ingredients are mixed into a cream. Wafers and cream are then layered and cut into shapes.