Organic Wheat Pretzels with Himalayan Salt &Coconut Oil 60g | by harmonica

Kuker Store

These are our favourite party bites with the added value of all-organic ingredients. Who says that healthy lifestyle means austerity and lack of fun. Quite the contrary we argue, munching these tasty pretzels and sipping from our cider-and-white-wine special cocktail.


Aroma - baked flour and salt
Colour - light brown
Taste - salty, but not too much
Appearance - pretzels
Storage in a dry place

What's in it

Organic wheat flour, organic coconut oil, organic malt extract, a pinch of yeast, Himalayan salt and organic sugar and some water.

How's it made

When the sticks dough is ready it goes to the extruder machine for shaping the pretzels. Then comes the cutting, salting and baking. When they cool down, the pretzels go into the packages.