Premium Black Seed Oil 100ml | Nigella Sativa

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Nigella Original Black Seed Oil 100 ml Cold Pressed Nigella Seeds 

Helps with:

  • Diabetes (function of the pancreas and endocrine system)
  • Cardiovascular diseases (problems with the heart and blood vessels, high blood pressure)
  • Gastrointestinal diseases and infections (ulcer and gastritis)
  • Black Seed Oil is an extract of Nigella Sativa, a seed that has been proven to be one of the most powerful immuno stimulants and a very strong antioxidant extracted by the method of cold pressing, which retains over 99% of its useful qualities. Nigella Oil contains approximately 100 naturally occurring active ingredients, such as Vitamin B5; Vitamin E; Unsaturated fatty acids; Essential oils; Folic acid; Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9 and many more. healthy ingredients that will help you be more resistant to all diseases.

Directions for use: Twice a day (morning and evening) take 1 tsp, 15-20 minutes before eating. The intake is increased after the fifth day to 3 times (morning, noon and evening) 1 tsp. per day, 15-20 minutes before eating.

Duration of therapy:

- In cardiovascular diseases (narrowed blood vessels) therapy lasts 6-7 months.
- Gastrointestinal diseases - 3-4 months
- Asthma - 2 months (Inhalation One tablespoon in a liter of boiling water, inhale the vapors.)
- Pneumonia - 4-6 months (Inhalation 1 tablespoon in another liter of boiling water, inhale the vapors.)
- Diabetes (Type 2) - 6-8 months (Maintains good function of the pancreas and endocrine system.)
- Liver disease - 4-5 months
- Allergies and Chronic diseases - 3-4 months
- Normalization of blood pressure - four - six months
- Indigestion - 2-3 months
- High cholesterol - 4 months
- Ulcer and gastritis - between four and six months

After discontinuation of therapy, it is recommended to take a break of two weeks.

Can it be taken during pregnancy?
Do not use this product during pregnancy. Never use in people with transplanted organs (liver, kidney, heart).

Storage: Keep in a dry place, away from children.

Packaging: 100 ml.