Dried Rose Hip Tea Loose Leaf 100g

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Dried Rose Hip Tea Loose Leaf 100g

Rose hip is actually a wild rose. But unlike its “regal” sister, it does not rely on appearances and odour but on its healing properties. Rose hip is so beneficial that in folk medicine this shrub is known as “the queen of herbs”. And there is a reason for that, besides the amount of Vitamin C it contains, rose hip has been prescribed for centuries to people with diabetes, mental and physical fatigue. If you have a cold, rose hip tea would most efficiently recover your body strength. Cold months attack the immune system of our body and rose hip very successfully fights all viruses and infections. Rose hip tea is particularly beneficial for strengthening the heart and the circulatory system. Due to the content of pectin and tannins, folk medicine uses the herb in gastrointestinal problems. Even if you start taking the herb only preventively, you can be sure that you will be well protected. Some even prefer rose hip wine as a beverage, worthy of the best meals.

Organic dried rose hips

Preparation: Infuse one tea spoon in 250ml of hot water for about 8-10mins.

Country produced in: Bulgaria
Packaging: 100g of dried rose hips