Largest Herbal Diversity in Europe!

Herbs are the most natural way to detox and heal your body. Check out our great selection of herbs & teas below. 

Inspired by Kuker

Bulgaria gets on 1st place in herbal diversity in Europe and that’s a FACT! Due to its wonderful climate and soils, the country has more than +800 healing herbs which have been part of their culture for thousands of years. They are nature’s treasure and people on the East very well know that. Bulgaria is also No.4 in the world in herbal diversity after India, Russia and China. There are herbs in Bulgaria that you have never heard of that can heals your urinary tract, prostate, eyes, stomach, fever and basically everything. 

Kuker Store was inspired by the Bulgarian Kuker tradition. Our Kuker Shop is here to deliver you the healthiest herbs from Bulgaria and help you heal yourself and push away all the evil from your body.