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It's a strange sensation to experience faith. I grew up in a poor family and I've spent my whole life trying to gain control of every situation, every outcome and every new idea. We are living in an age, where motivation is related to full control. Almost every successful story talks about power, will and fight - all the necessary ingredients to build a great ego which helps you survive and succeed. I have now come to realize that while the ego grows, faith disappears. To experience the love from everything, you need to let faith touch everything first. Faith that what you do is what you were born to do. Faith that things are the way they are supposed to be without you having to push a modification onto them. That way everything you do will be filled with love. And love is indeed the universal power. I have faith in what I started. And I love what I do. And every time you take a part of Kuker brand, you get a piece of love.

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Angelina Angelova | Owner of Kuker Brand | 2017