The KuCore Values


         Always appreciate a good quality herb. 

As people who dislike the power corporations have over mass production, we focus on quality. Herbal teas we offer contain herbs picked by local certified herbalists. The herbs don’t undergo any chemical treatment to preserve them during transportation or to stimulate growth. Wildly growing herbs in the most natural environment in the Bulgarian Balkan Mountains.




           Bow to the bees. 

As long as there are bees on the planet, there will be humans. The bees are the most important creatures on Earth. Our connection with these fascinating insects is indisputable. Pollination is a spiritual process and it happens freely in the Balkan mountains. The main reason for the staggering diversity of herbs in the Balkans are bees. Freely flying bees not poisoned by any pesticides or chemicals cause frequent pollination of a large number of plans. This creates a circle constant biodiversity and ensures purity and unique quality to all plants. We bow to you, bees! 




           DiversiTea. That's the beauTea.                 

True, it's tea, but everyone takes their tea differently. Some of us like to spend time with their tea pot, mix different herbs, feel the aromatic herbal cloud spreading through the room. Others still enjoy the wonderful cup of tea, but would love to be able to make it instantly while working. Well, you know how it is with a super busy schedule, you don't always have tea time (Although you should always find you tea time..!) To make things easier for you, we give you the chance to choose! 
Different states of the herbs:
  • Loose leaf for the people enjoying the tea preparation time.
  • Bagged tea for the people, who work in a busy environment but still want to have a healthy drink.
  • Tincture for the people, who want to get the best out of the herbs for the shortest period of time.




           Certificates of quality are good.  

The nature of herbs requires us to be very careful in what we offer. Although they are a completely natural product, we are aware of certain fraudulent practices where low quality herbs (like picked from locations close to industrial grounds, busy roads, soil with chemicals) are offered as premium quality. To ensure that we deliver top quality, we partnered with the best tea companies in Bulgaria, guaranteeing premium herbs, certificates for quality, certificates for production and packaging. Each of our partners works with certified herbalists, they buy top quality herbs and are fully qualified and certified to pack herbal tea. Certificates are good. They are the insurance you need to best quality.