October 05, 2020

Often giving up something or someone has nothing to do with weakness. On the contrary, this decision shows personal strength. We give up and leave not because we want the Universe to see how much we are worth as human beings, but because we are finally able to value ourselves. It has to do with understanding how much you value on your own and thus seeing and rejecting negative ideas, habits and negative people in your life.


Here are 12 true realisations to think about before giving up:

  1. The past can steal the present if you let it. You can spend days and weeks sitting alone in a dark room, analyzing the excessive situations that have been going on, putting the pieces together and presenting what might or might not happen. Or leave it all because it can’t be changed, and look ahead to the day.
  1. Not everyone and everything in life is meant to stay in it. Things happen that you do not want, but you must accept. Things that you don't understand but need to learn. We must release people without whom we cannot live. Some personalities and circumstances come and go to make us stronger people. The point is that without them we cannot develop as human beings. 
  1. Happiness is not the lack of problems, but the ability to deal with them. Always look at what you have, not what you have lost. And think about what to do with the thing you have now.
  1. Sometimes you just have to give the best of yourself and leave yourself to the rest. 
  1. In your life you can control only one person and that is yourself. There is only one way to happiness and that is to stop worrying about everything that is beyond your control.
  1. Accept that what is right for you may be wrong for the others. And vice versa. Think about yourself and allow the others the privilege to think about themselves. We all dance to the beat of different drums in our lives. 
  1. Some people will refuse to accept you as you are. Always choose to stay true to yourself. Even at the risk of provoking a ridicule. We can be even the most beautiful, delicious red apple in the world and there will still be people who don't like apples.
  1. True relationships can only be applied on a solid foundation of truth. When there is a breakthrough in a search, a difficult conversation should always follow.
  1. The world changes when you change. Practice really seeing what you are looking at. You are where your thoughts and perceptions of your past have taken you. Tomorrow you will be where they take you. If you want to change your life, you must first shift your perspective. 
  1. You can take decisions or you can justify yourself. Life is a long-term management of creative problem solving. The error is not a failure until you refuse to correct it.
  1. It usually only takes a few negative notes to kill a person's dream. Do not kill people's dreams with negative words and do not agree with those who do.
  1. Sometimes leaving is the only way to win. Never waste your time justifying your actions to people who have shown no understanding to you. Defend your intellect with actions, not explanations.

Love <3  

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