September 20, 2020

A water carrier in India had two large pots, in which he carried water to his master, hanging at either end of a rod, and placing the rod on his shoulder. One of the pots was slightly cracked, so the water carrier was able to carry it from the stream to his master's house only half full, while the other was quite strong and did not drop a drop. Thus the porter arrived at his master's house with a pot and a half instead of two pots of water. This happened every day for two years.

Of course, the healthy pot was very proud to be perfect and to do a great job. Poor cracked pot, ashamed of his shortcoming, was very unhappy that he could only meet half of his requirements. 

After two years of remorse and a sense of bitter failure, it spoke to the potter while they were by the stream:

"I'm ashamed of myself and I want to apologise to you."

"Why?" He asked. "What are you ashamed of?"

"For the past two years, I've only been able to carry half of my volume because of my crack. It allows water to flow out all the way to your master's house." Because of my flaw, you have to do more work and you are not getting what you deserve for your efforts. 

He felt sorry for the poor pot and said empathetically:

"When we return to the master's house, I want you to notice the beautiful flowers along your side of the path."

 So, as they climbed up the hill, the cracked pot noticed the sun shining on the beautiful flowers along the path, and it cheered it up a little. But in the end, when they arrived at the house, it felt bad again, because half of the water was again missing. Then the pot apologised again to the porter for his shortcoming. 

In response, the water-carrier asked him:

"Did you notice that the flowers were only on your side of the path? This is because I knew about about your crack and decided to take advantage of it. I dropped some flower seeds on your side of the road, and every time we came back from the stream, you we watering them. For two years I have been picking these beautiful flowers and decorating the table of my masters with them. If you were an ordinary pot, they would never enjoyed this wonderful beauty. Each of us has our own unique qualities. We are all cracked pots. So don't worry about your cracks, be proud of them! Recognise them and turn them into a source of beauty. 

Remember that only in our weaknesses we find our strength.

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