The Bagpipe - Gaida

A gaida is a bagpipe from the Balkans and Southeast Europe. Southeastern European bagpipes known as gaida.

Although the Scottish or Great Highland Bagpipes (GHB) are popular all around the World, in Bulgaria they have their own bagpipe – the Gajda.  Not dissimilar to the Scottish bagpipes. Both have a chanter with eight holes, a leather bag and drone accompaniment. Bulgarian pipes have a lower pitch than Scottish pipes. The Gajda has one drone and a much bigger bag, made from a whole goatskin while the GHB have a smaller bag with a seam. The chanter is the pipe on which the melody is played. Bulgarian gaida have a conical bore and are made from boxwood (shimshir) cornel wood, plum wood or other fruit wood.

This is what a real bagpipe looks like:


Bagpipe (Gayda) in Bio-Bulgaart: