March 14, 2024

Bees reveal a collective intelligence similar to that of humans, the existence of which we did not even suspect

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You are looking for proof that the memory of the brain is not the same. This little bit of brains in the brains of the cement has shown the level of collective intelligence in examples that you think are completely pure only on earth.
When they were trained in the lab to solve the puzzle in two steps, the bees of the species Vombus terrestrial were able to love the bee, which no one had seen before.
This naive bee would not be able to solve the puzzle. In order to get the bees to "demonstrate" the non-intuitive task, the researchers had to show them what to do and provide them with a case before the first step, with to motivate them.

"This response contradicts the common opinion in this field: that the challenge for social survival of behavior that cannot be innovative through individual trials and errors is unique Alna for the xopa."


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We have a long yttopia of what distinguishes our species from other octanals. Hyaĸoga thought that the xopata were the only creations of the cult. The bread of the whales, the evolving dialects and traditions of the whales, the hunting strategies of the cats and the hares of the monkeys, the monkeys and the dolphins - all this means that what In general, the transmitted behaviors are also found in the society of animals.
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Some of these stereotyped behaviors even lead to symptoms of overachievement and compliance with the flow of time. The domestic pigeons, for example, fly once a year and every year they copy their maps in the summer.
We are always creating unique creations. This is because we can learn some of the things that we would not be able to invent on our own.
Think about the device on which you are reading this article at the moment. Not even one person can erase all its parts and mechanics from zero individually and in the memory of one life. It took about ten years of work and dedication to reach this stage. Even the act of reading has changed, and the children have gradually improved.
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It is obvious that no animal can fine Irhon or read the article on the intelligence of animals. At a basic level, the bees join the chimpanzee and "throw into serious doubt this presumption of human exceptionalism." According to Alex Topton, an ecologist from the University of England, about bee research for Nature.
Chimpanzees have large brains and a rich culture, but the difference from bees is even more remarkable, because this focus does not extend to human primates. , and the animal has a brain that is only 0.0005% of the size of that of a chimpanzee.
Estimated in the continuation of the decade, mainly during winter, the bees get the best of the ice cream.
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Recent experiments in the lab show that these bees can read one by one, use instruments, jump to zero, and perform novel mathematical equations. . The collective intelligence of the current "Koshep" group is also not to be underestimated.
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To prove it, lead scientist Alic Bridget of London's Queen Mee University and my colleagues put bee colonies through a two-stage puzzle for a total of 36 or 72 hours at a time. us on 12 or 24 consecutive days, without human help.
After all this time, the bees do not sing to avoid reaching the cold nest. Males spend an average of about 8 days in the blood during their lifetime. This means that they had up to 1/3 of the time of pressing the board to complete the puzzle.
If the image is better, you can see the puzzle. The yellow button is the container cap under the plastic cap. Players can reach it by pushing the red button, but only when the blue button is pushed out of the way.
They needed a person to show them the way, and this was possible only with the help of an additional force. If a bee saves it, it can teach the bees to move the two plates to get the cool treat.
A similar experiment with chimpanzees was also published in Nature Human Behavior. Both vertebrates and invertebrates observe the sharing of ideas, which are exceptionally difficult to live alone.
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Unfortunately, this behavior has not been observed in the wild.
And yet again, the findings open up the possibility that if in the society of chimpanzees or bees there is an offspring that will be a once-in-a-lifetime innovator (Einstein before the bees), his offspring and they would be able to stay in the animal culture and use the remaining generations.
This new experiment, writes Topton, "implies that we are trying to find out from the books what we cannot find out about, which must be connected to the use of intimacy." you, episodic memory (the ability to remember specific past events) and preintentional communication in the chapter on 'promises' about human knowledge and culture.
The research was published in Nature.
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