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Flavone are complex and complete super-concentrates from fruits and vegetables obtained by cold-vacuum pressing method. Through this extraction process, the entire range of vitamins and beneficial substances are preserved. The excess part such as cellulose, fructose and the excess amount of water are removed and thus a gel-like consistency is obtained. This leads to complete absorption by the body, over 93%, which affects the condition of the intestines, does not hinder their work and does not cause irritation. The products are completely natural, have no flavor enhancers, no preservatives, no colorings and flavorings. The biological value of Flavon products is the highest among other similar products on the market. Rich in phytonutrients and flavonoids, preserved alive by processing with apple and citrus pectin.

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Flavon max has become a lifestyle choice for hundreds of thousands of people. The basic concept of Flavon max aims to create a healthy, successful, free life, full of challenges & rich in possibilities to improve our personality.




High quality dietary supplements play a major role in one’s nutrition today. By constantly consuming them, we can prevent the occurrence of deficiency symptoms, which might be caused by inadequate nutrition.

Flavon broke with previous methods! Instead of pills and powder, it created a delicious & easily consumable gel-consistency form, which enables its product to supply the human body with the necessary active substances.

flavon kuker
Consuming fruits and vegetables is of paramount importance for the optimal functioning of our body. They are sources of nutrients which contribute to the strengthening of our intestinal and immune system. Their positive effects can be attributed to biologically active substances, like vitamins, fibres, proteins, antioxidants and polyphenol-type compounds. With our daily nourishment we get access to only some of these protective components.
Flavon products can help ensuring that we consume a wide range of fruits and vegetables of high quality. Important active substances of Flavon products: polyphenols, within that fl avonoids, carotenoids, organic compounds containing sulphur and nitrogen (chlorophyll, beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein).
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ORAC or Orac may refer to: Oxygen radical absorbance capacity, a scalar value derived in the laboratory for comparing the antioxidant content of different foods or nutritional supplements. (from Wikipedia) 
But what does Flavone give us?
Manufacturers are only allowed to state T-ORAC values if they exceed 5000 units per package. In reality, many foods have T-ORAC values, but far less than 5000.
What Prof. Dinja has done is to synergistically combine fruits, vegetables and oils to achieve these unheard of T-ORAC values. Flavon #Peak #Fruit has the maximum value in the world for now.

The other thing that significantly distinguishes Flavon from all the others is the high absorption rate. Usually, no manufacturer shows such a percentage, because almost all supplements are in a form (powder, capsule, juice) that pass through the intestines, and no one can guarantee how much they are damaged in each individual and, accordingly, what percentage will be absorbed. With Flavon, the amount that reaches the intestines is minimal, and the main amount reaches the bloodstream through the saliva, and this is the reason for digestibility over 93%.

Another important thing - the fruits and vegetables that Flavon uses are picked at full ripeness in order to have fully active flavonoids in them, they are tested at the entrance to the factory for purity from chemicals, pesticides, etc. and are processed with gentle technology up to 48 hours after they are picked, so that everything valuable is preserved. No added preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilizers, colorings, etc.
flavon kuker
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