Kuker Brand, Tradition & Symbols

The Founder

My name is Angelina Angelova and I am the founder of Kuker brand. I spent most of my life living in different countries, which has helped me a lot in learning about other cultures and opening my mind to everything new that comes along in life. 

Three years ago, I decided to go back to Bulgaria and use my skills and my brains to be part of the positive change here. I'm sure most of you have heard about Bulgaria's glorious sea coast and amazing mountain scenery. Nonetheless, Bulgaria struggles to show its potential to the world. The economy is in a process getting stable and the people are finding it hard to understand that change is good and the world is meant to be diverse. I've played sports, studied foreign languages, worked in enormous corporations, travelled a lot. My professional sports career included participation in the national team of Bulgaria. My work career began when I was 19 when I moved to work in my dream country at the time Switzerland. I have also worked for companies such as Microsoft and Ebay in Dublin.

There is one main thing that drives me - progress. Every thing I have started in my life, every place I've been at, everything I've done has been about progress.

"I don't believe in swimming against the stream, I believe in being aware of the stream and moving with it to achieve great things!" 

I founded the Kuker brand because I believe it has the potential to bring Bulgaria success. Our main activity is production and export of Bulgarian teas and souvenir products, however, we do specialize in discovering top quality health and organic products. 

Belief is the most important ingredient to life. 

| Angelina Angelova