February 09, 2022

About 40% of the modern medicines are derived from herbs. You can check your local pharmacy and see how many medical products have herbal extracts in them. This is because we are products of nature and because we are an inseparable part of nature, she has found a way to heal itself. That way is through herbs.

The herb is an intelligent plant, it knows how to communicate with the body effectively and how to help it. We can say that the herb is the natural expert for your body. Taking medicine can be helpful, but the universal nature of the pill opens a door for side effects. The pill is like the customer service of nature - yes, it is there to listen to your worries, comfort you but it can't solve the core of your problem.

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Drugs are made through medical and lab experiments, where scientists look for compounds that target a single specific biological pathway in the body. This is why the relief from the pills is much quicker than the one from the herbs. Drugs target the exact problem they have been designed for. However, nature (and subsequently our body) doesn't work in this direct way because everything in nature is interlinked. This means that when you interact with one thing in nature, this automatically triggers thousands of other processes. This is the reason drugs have side effects, their left over products are not designed to help anything else. Not only that, the body needs to get rid of them and pass them trough our system. And if you are thinking that everything has a side effect, it is true, but if what you are taking, has the intelligence to act favourably on all channels, then those side effects will be beneficial for you.

Unfortunately, the medical industry has been working hard to convince us that they know better what is best for you. They have worked hard to plant this idea in our heads, that if something hasn't passed through their "human checks", it is dangerous for us. This fear of the unknown is what makes is the perfect client for them. By demonizing the natural way and creating a "solution" via the artificially created way, the pharmaceutical companies have created a cue of people, who beg for drugs.


Having said that, let's not demonize these companies. The life expectancy in the world has drastically increased within the last century due to medical interventions and life saving procedures. This, however, still means that the pharma industry is helping nature, not the other way around. Remember that nature has intelligence that we can't comprehend and science comes after nature has created anything. It is not the other way around.

Without nature, there would be no science. But without science, nature still exists. And evolves, and develops.

So, coming back to herbal plants, they have the intelligence to act on multiple pathways simultaneously. This means that any side effect that they might have, will be also beneficial for the body. Herbs are created by a higher intellect, higher that any lab expert will every know.

Remember they have an intelligence that only nature could have designed, that is born of millions of years of evolution. Additionally, every ancient civilization has used herbal plants to heal their people.

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Do we really think that our pharma world is more intelligent than the ancient civilizations?

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