March 06, 2024

The Power Of Human Thought: Special Words That Revive Dead Cells

Scientists have been able to prove that words are able to revive dead cells! In the course of research, scientists were amazed at the enormous power of words, as well as the incredible experiment of the effect of creative thoughts on cruelty and violence.

How do they manage to achieve this?

Let's start from the beginning. Already in 1949, the researchers Enrico Fermi, Pasta and Ulam studied nonlinear systems - systems of oscillations whose properties depend on the processes taking place in them. These systems, under certain conditions, behave abnormally.

Studies show that they remember the conditioned effects on them and retain the information for quite a long time. A typical example is the DNA molecule, which stores the genetic information of the organism. Even in those days, scientists asked themselves how this was possible. A mindless molecule that lacks brain structures or a nervous system can have a memory that surpasses any modern computer in accuracy. Later, scientists discovered the mysterious solitons.


Soliton – This is a structurally stable wave found in non-linear systems. The surprise of the scientists was endless. After all, these waves behave like sentient beings. Only after 40 years, scientists have been able to advance with these studies. The essence of the experiment consisted in the following: with the help of special instruments, the scientists were able to follow the path of these waves in the DNA chain. Passing through the circuit, the wave completely read the information. This can be compared to a person reading an open book, only a hundred times more accurate. In all the experiments during the research, the same question arose - why do solitons behave like that and who gives them such a command?

The scientists continued their research at the Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. They tried to influence solitons through human speech recorded on an information carrier. What the scientists saw exceeded all expectations - under the influence of words, the solitons revived. The researchers went even further - directed these waves at grains of wheat that were irradiated with a high dose of radiation, causing the DNA strands to break and become non-viable. After the impact, the wheat seeds germinated. Under a microscope, the DNA damaged by the radiation could be seen restored.

It turns out that human speech can revive dead cells, i.e. under the influence of words, solitons acquire life-giving power. These results have been confirmed many times by researchers from other countries - Great Britain, France and America. Scientists have developed a special program in which human speech is transformed into vibrations and superimposed on the wave of solitons, and then affects the DNA of plants. As a result, their growth and quality accelerated significantly. The experiments were also carried out with animals. An improvement in blood pressure, equalisation of the pulse, improvement of somatic indicators was observed in them.

The scientists did not stop there

Together with colleagues from US research institutes, experiments were conducted in India on the impact of human thought on the state of the planet. The experiments were conducted more than once, the last one involving 60 to 100 thousand people. That's a really huge number of people. The main and necessary condition was that all people present had creative thoughts and ideas. To accomplish this, people gathered in groups and directed their positive thoughts to a certain point on the planet. Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, where bloody battles were being fought at that time, was then chosen.

During the experiment, the color stopped suddenly and did not resume for several days. During the days of the experiment, the level of crime in the city decreased dramatically. The process of impact of creative thinking was fixed by the scientific instruments that registered a powerful flow of positive energy.

Scientists believe that these experiments prove the importance of human thoughts and feelings, as well as their incredible ability to resist evil, death and violence. How many times have bright minds, thanks to their pure thoughts and desires, scientifically confirmed the ancient truth - human thought can simultaneously create and destroy.

The choice remains in the hands of the person, because depending on the direction of their thinking, people create or have a negative impact on those around them, and on themselves.

Human life is a constant choice. We can and must learn to do it correctly and consciously.


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