May 15, 2024

The things we should keep secret according to the ancient wisdom

There needs to be some sort of balance in this world. That is why the ancient teachings warn us that there are some things that are better kept secret.


1. The first thing to keep secret, are our future plans.
Keep silent until your plan is carried out. All of our ideas are not only imperfect, they have many weak points that can easily be attacked and ruined.

2. The second thing the teachings recommend is not to share the secrets of our charity.

A good deed is very rare in this world, and that is why it should be guarded like the apple of the eye.
Don't brag about your good deeds. Pride will immediately see and take away all the good that has come as a result of this charity

3. The third thing is not to spread the to talk about your asceticism.
Don't go on and on about your limitations in eating, sleeping, having sex, etc. Asceticism is beneficial only if it is combined with the emotional component.

4. The fourth thing to be silent about is the courage and heroism you have shown.
Some get external trials and some internal.
External trials for visible, for that, people receive rewards, but overcoming internal trials no one notices, therefore there are no rewards for them either.

5. The fifth thing that is not worth spreading is spiritual knowledge.
It has different levels and should be revealed only when a certain level of purity of consciousness is reached.
The main mistake of the novice truth bearer is the desire to share the acquired spiritual knowledge, which, instead of bringing good, will only confuse and frighten others.

6. The sixth thing that is not worth sharing with others is talking about our domestic conflicts and generally about our family life.
Remember: the less you talk about problems in the family, the healthier and more stable it will be. A quarrel is simply a release from the negative energy that accumulates in the process of communication.

7. The seventh thing that is not worth talking about is bad words that have been heard by someone.
You can poop your shoes on the street, or you can poop your mind. And a man who has returned home and tells everything he heard on the street is no different from a man who came home with muddy shoes and did not take them off when he entered the house.

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