Cultural Mission

Ever been to Bulgaria? It's a great little place in Eastern Europe. You've probably heard about the Bulgarian rose, and the yogurt, and the Sunny beach, and the ski resorts. Well, the good news is that there is so many more things and if you are an active traveler, I'm sure you will enjoy learning new things. If you aren't, well then maybe it's the best time for you to start exploring foreign cultures and learning interesting stuff.   

Bio-Bulgaart is our way of saying "Bulgaria is awesome!". Eastern Europe as a whole is quite an intriguing part of the world map, with ancient history and very diverse culture. The dynamic political history has shaped some very closed and independent societies here, which are not great at presenting themselves to the World. The world is now an opened place, borders are becoming less and less visible, people travel constantly for various reasons, for work, to explore, or just to see something new. If globalization was a train, it would be going in full speed. Every well-developed country has its own unique way of presenting themselves via souvenirs. The more developed the country, the better the quality and presentation of their souvenirs.  

Bio-Bulgaart is the new face of the souvenirs in Bulgaria. It's a powerful colorful way to see Bulgaria and remember it. Our drawings represent different cultural and historical corners, each one of them tells a story of something interesting and valuable. Our products are special because we put so much value in each one them. Our main drive is positive change, our main idea is opening Bulgarian cultural heritage to everyone curious enough to find Bulgaria on the map!