The oldest craft in the world - Wool Felting

Felt - the most ancient craft of all.

Wool felting is probably the only profession for which no people can say "this is mine" and can not claim that they have discovered it and spread it. The need of the ancient man before forming a nation where nomadic crude way of survival, forcing him without knowledge of chemistry to find matting wool fibers for clothing first, first homes, the first art.

Felting is the oldest way of making fabric, which does not need any tools or equipment. Feltings are non-woven fabric made from combed wool, subjected to heat, moisture and pressure or racking. Soap or alkaline environment can help the process. Heat and moisture cause the outer scales along the fiber wave open and soap helps the fibers to slide easily against each other, thereby causing them to harness. This process is "guessing" before 8000 BC, when the Earth was more glacier - far, far back in the Paleolithic.

By felting we can develop any articles and instruments. In that town there are still houses, whose walls are made of felted wool. They can be made carpets, slippers, coats, decorative Buy, chandeliers and of course what you see on this site - beautiful necklaces, necklaces and brooches.