Tribulus Terrestris Herb

Tribulus Terrestris is widely used to enhance sexual desire in both men and women. It has a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurvedic practice. Body builders sometimes use it to increase their testosterone levels in the body. 

Scientific researchers in Bulgaria have discovered that when Tribulusis organically-grown under certain strict conditions and harvested at a newly discovered, specific time, the herb has an ability to support healthy hormone balance. 

Bulgarian vs.Chinese and Indian Tribulus Terrestris 

  1. Dragon Herbs of course loves Chinese herbs. However,Tribulus of the kind used as a tonic only comes from Bulgaria. Bulgaria is DiTao for Tribulus as a tonic. Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris differs significantlyfrom the Tribulus Terrestris extracts from India and China.  
  1. Using a special method of harvesting and pharmaceutical preparation, Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris has a very high concentration of saponins. Indian and Chinese Tribulus Terrestris do not. 
  1. Chinese and Indian Tribulus Terrriests are made from a different part of the plant and is harvested at a different time of the year.The photochemistry of Chinese and Indian Tribulus Terrestris is considerablydifferent from that of Bulgarian TribulusTerrestris. 
  1. Chinese and Indian Tribulus Terrestris does not have the same physiological functions as Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris. At the best,Indian and Chinese TribulusTerrestris have but a trace of group 1 and group 2phytochemicals, and contain virtually no Tribulus saponins. The Indian and Chinese producers typically extract for furostanols, which has no equivalent pharmacological effect to the Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris.  
  1. Furostanols are not the active ingredient used to promotehealthy sexual physiology and hormone balance. As they exist in Indian and Chinese Tribulus Terrestris, they are not absorbed and utilized by the body. However, all of the active Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris constituents are readily absorbed and utilized in the body. This explains the radical difference in the effects of Tribulus Terrestris from different sources.