Organic Lemon Balm Tea 30g | 20 Bags

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Certified Organic Lemon Balm Tea Melissa Officinalis 

Organic Dried Lemon Balm Herb 

Benefits of Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon Balm tea has a pleasant citron scent, excellent refreshing flavour, soothing and relaxing action. It can be taken hot or chilled at any time.

Lemon Balm has soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant effects on the body.  Perhaps one of the top benefits of Lemon Balm is the positive effect on the nervous system, helping you decrease anxiety, relaxing overexcitement, heal insomnia. 

In addition, Lemon balm is a strong anti-bacterial agent and it helps you heal any respiratory infections. Melissa herb is used in cases of high blood pressure and heart arrhythmia, helping your heart relax and stabilise. The herb is very rich in flavanoids making it agent for neutralising the free radicals in the body, hence shows great help in fighting with cancerous cells. 

Country produced in: Bulgaria, in the high lands of the Balkan mountains 

Packaging: 30g with 20 biodegradable bags with string

Shipping:Delivery within 5-8 working days