Diabetics Tea 30g | Blood Sugar Controller Herbal Tea 20 Bags

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Wonderful Diabetes Tea for increased levels of blood sugar


- Gymnema Sylvestre leaves
- Stevia
- Cinnamon
- Bean pods
- Nettle leaves
- Blueberry leaves and fruits
- Galega herb
- White Mulberry leaves

What are the benefits of drinking this tea?
Tea Diabetics improves the activity of the pancreas and reduces blood sugar levels. It is recommended for blood sugar improvement.

  • UNMATCHED HERBAL BLEND: Dive into a curated selection of herbal teas featuring Gymnema Sylvestre leaves, Cinnamon, and Nettle leaves. Our specially formulated detox tea bags blend traditional wisdom with modern science, providing a unique, health-boosting experience.
  • GLYCEMIC & PRESSURE SUPPORT: Powered by Galega herb, Bean pods, and the natural sweetness of Stevia, our tea is a delight for those conscious of their body. Additionally, our tea promotes wellness, ensuring you stay at your prime.
  • DIETERS’ FAVOURITE: With hints of cinnamon tea, this range is a dream come true for dieters. The inclusion of White Mulberry leaves and ingredients ensures you enjoy flavour without compromise. Ideal for those seeking a refreshing, guilt-free indulgence.
  • ALL-DAY TEA JOURNEY: Embark on a sensory adventure with our diverse teas selection: start with refreshing tea sachets in the morning, enjoy the rich depth of flavoured tea bags post-lunch, and transition into the evening with the allure of cinnamon tea. Whether it's the herbal undertones you seek or the embrace of nettle tea bags, our range ensures a captivating cup at every sip.
  • PURE & POTENT NETTLE INFUSION: Discover the power of our nettle tea bags, combined with properties and complemented by aromatic cinnamon tea which makes a flavorful special tea. Whether you're aiming for daily or a special tea moment, this is the blend to choose.

Packaging: 1 box contains 20 bags of tea with no string.

Shipping: Delivery with Royal Mail Tracked Delivery!

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Davies Godwin
Diabetic Tea

I think the diabetic tea bags is great and very good but just don't know the English name