Ginkgo Biloba Tea Mix 30g | Premium Series 20 Bags

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Delicious Ginkgo Biloba Tea 


100% Ginkgo Biloba leaves
Peppermint leaves
Green tea leaves.


Ginkgo tea is a restorative daily drink improving the physical and mental
aspects of human's health. It is a powerful memory booster and antioxidant
Suitable to be served hot or chilled at any time. . 
  • 100% GINKGO BILOBA LEAVES: Our Ginkgo Biloba Tea, using only the finest ginkgo biloba leaves, is your ideal memory booster tea. Each tea bag is a testament to our commitment to quality, ensuring a superior ginkgo tea experience. Great for enhancing focus, these memory tea bags are a must-have for anyone seeking a natural, effective brain tea.
  • ENRICHED WITH PEPPERMINT: Revel in the unique blend of ginkgo biloba and refreshing peppermint in our health tea bags. This ginkgo peppermint green tea not only offers a delightful taste but also boosts your memory. It's a great fusion of ginkgo biloba herb tea and peppermint, making every cup a memorable herbal delight.
  • GREEN TEA GOODNESS: Our ginkgo biloba tea bags blend the advantages of green tea with the renowned ginkgo biloba dried leaves tea bags. This special tea for memory and focus, rich in antioxidants, provides a gentle energy lift, making it an essential part of your daily health tea bags collection.
  • DAILY WELLNESS RITUAL: Incorporate our Ginkgo Biloba Tea into your daily routine as a key element of your wellness ritual. These high-quality memory tea bags support mental and physical well-being, making them an excellent choice for those committed to maintaining sharp brain function and overall health with our ginkgo leaf tea.
  • CRAFTED IN BULGARIA: Experience the essence of Bulgarian herbal tea with our Ginkgo Biloba Tea. Sourced from the best ginkgo biloba in Bulgaria, our tea bags offer a unique taste of the region's herbal heritage. Enjoy the rejuvenating qualities of our gingko tea, bringing a touch of Bulgarian tradition to your tea collection.
Country produced in: Bulgaria 

Packaging: 30g