Hemorax Tincture 100ml | Haemorrhoid Ethanol Extract

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Hemorax Tincture 100ml

Standardized water-ethanol extract (62-68%) of four complementary herbs: 

Horse Chestnut /Aesculus hippocastanum/
St. John's Wort / Hypeicum perforatum/
Shepherd's Purse / Capsella bursa pastoris/
Calendula / Calendula Officinalis/


Hemorax Tincture is a well balanced combination of herbs that exerts a positive effect on blood flow by supporting normal flow of blood clotting and tone of blood vessels. The product is a natural support in case of internal and external hemorroids, anal fistula and abcess. 

The tincture contains bioactive substances that have anti-inflammatory action and can be used as supplementary agent in cases of haemorrhoids. 

50 drops, dissolved into 50ml of table water or juice 4 times daily. Recommended daily dose: 240 drops (8 ml) 


Made in Bulgaria, Certificates: ISO9001:2015 | ISO 22000:2006