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Lemon Balm Herbal Tea 

Benefits of Lemon Balm Tea 
- Lemon Balm tea has a pleasant citron scent, excellent refreshing flavour, soothing and relaxing action. It can be taken hot or chilled at any time.

  • AUTHENTIC BULGARIAN HERITAGE: Indulge in the genuine charm of our Lemon Balm Herbal Tea, meticulously cultivated from Bulgaria's fertile land. Each cup, rich with dried lemon balm and lemon balm leaves, is not just a drink; it's a journey to the peaceful Bulgarian meadows, assuring you of its authenticity and the pureness of its origins.
  • SOOTHING AROMA: Find your sanctuary with our Lemon Balm Tea, a blend of lemon balm tea bags and melissa tea bags, offering a delightful citron aroma that turns your tea moment into a calming retreat. The enchanting scent does more than please—it ushers in a soothing ritual, making each cup a tranquil respite, great as a night tea.
  • VERSATILE BREW: Our Lemon Balm Tea, with lemon tea bags and lemon green tea bags, is your adaptable companion, ideal for cosy evenings or as a refreshing daytime drink. Relish it steaming hot to relax after your day or chilled for an invigorating uplift. It's not just a tea; it's a versatile delight for any moment.
  • REFRESHING FLAVOUR: Every sip of our Lemon Balm Tea is a voyage of flavour, featuring the zest of lemon balm leaf. Its outstanding refreshing taste ushers you into a realm where flavour and peace meet. More than a tea, it's a rejuvenating pause that refreshes your spirit and pleases your taste buds.
  • PREMIUM PACKAGING: Enjoy the fusion of elegance and practicality with our 30g Lemon Balm Tea, thoughtfully encased in herbal tea bags. This careful packaging ensures the essence and freshness of melissa lemon balm tea are impeccably maintained, offering you a vibrant and aromatic brew each time. It's not just tea; it's a commitment to quality and ease.

Country produced in: Bulgaria 

Packaging:30g with sachets with string