Mountain Tea Loose Leaf 20g | Mursalski Tea Sideritis Scardica

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Rhodopian Herbs collected from the Rhodope mountains!

  • Certified Organic Mountain Tea, No fertilizers, no water, completely natural grow
  • Bulgarian mountain tea from the Rhodope mountains
  • Contains 22 elements required for the body and is the best & healthiest tea you can get on Earth
  • Rich in diterpenoid, flavonoid and fenylpropanoid, essential oils, triterpenoids, oleic acids, fatty acids, iridoids

What is Sideritis Scardica Tea?
The tea is aptly named: Mursalski tea. The plant used to make it is found on rocky slopes at elevations over 1000 meters (3,200 feet). Gold awards from international world tea exhibitions and competitions It is grown in one of the cleanest places in the world - the Rhodope mountains! The manufacturer uses NO FERTILIZERS, nor he waters the tea, and this limits the risk of contamination of the tea to ZERO! It contains 22 elements required for the body and is the best & healthiest tea you can get on Earth!

Its composition determines its properties:

    • Аntioxidant
    • Аntibacterial
    • Аntifungal
    • Аnti-imflammatory. It is used to help prevent colds, flu and allergies.

How to prepare Mursalski tea?
Bring to the boil a sprig of Mursalski Tea in 250 ml fresh water and then brew for 5 minutes, until the colour becomes yellow.Filter and add sugar or honey to taste. Best effect is achieved when using the stalk once.

  • Natural Relaxation: Dive into the embrace of our relax tea, a soothing blend starring the esteemed Sideritis Scardica. Perfect for those moments when you seek solace, it's a quiet companion for your bedtime tea evening ritual, standing tall beside the likes of our chamomile tea bags.
  • Authentic Herbal Excellence: Sideritis Scardica is not just another herb; it's a testament to nature's potent remedies. Packed with benefits, this singular ingredient champions our herbal tea, inviting you to experience wellness in every sip. Encased in premium tea bags and an intricately designed tea bag box makes for an ideal gift.
  • Pure and Preservative-Free: We believe in the authenticity of nature. Our tea contains no preservatives, ensuring that each brew remains true to its essence, whether you enjoy it as a hot infusion or an ice tea. Whether you're introducing someone to the world of herbal teas or looking for a unique tea gift, this blend is the perfect choice.
  • Wholesome Goodness: It's more than just a tea; it's a detox drink, a health tea. A detox for the soul and body, offering a gentle cleanse with every cup. When the world becomes overwhelming, let it be your calm tea, gently guiding you back to relaxation.
  • Embrace Well-being: Whether you wish to wind down with a cup of night tea or are in search of detox drinks for body cleanse, our Sideritis Scardica tea offers you the serenity and health boost you seek. So why wait? Dive into a world of relaxation and well-being with each cup.

Packaging:Package is 25g, dried loose mountain tea.

Packaging: 20g of dried herb