Nursing Tea 30g | Breastfeeding Lactation Tea 20 Bags

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Nursing Tea For Breastfeeding and Lactation 


  • Fennel
  • Anise
  • Nettle
  • Lemon grass
  • Lavender
  • Cumin
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS FOR MILK SUPPLY: Each sip of our Nursing Tea, rich in fennel tea and other natural ingredients, could be your secret to enhanced milk production. Dubbed by many as a premium breastfeeding tea for lactation, it's not just a drink but a nurturing journey in every cup, making it a thoughtful part of any tea gifts for women, especially new mums.
  • CALMING BLEND FOR MUM: Our Lactation Tea, intricately blending Lavender and Lemon Grass, transcends being merely a breast milk tea. It embodies an experience, a tranquil ritual for both mum and baby. Highly cherished in tea gift sets, this soothing mix emerges as a gentle ally, transforming every nursing moment into a serene and cherished encounter.
  • RICH & HEALTHFUL HERBAL MIX: Embrace the bountiful goodness in each bag of our Nursing Tea, a blend revered not just as a fertility tea for women but also as a staple in any herbal tea gift set. Celebrated for its positive influence on breastfeeding, this tea is a testament to the power of nature, supporting mothers with every nurturing cup.
  • EASE OF PREPARATION: Craft your soothing escape with our easy-to-prepare Lactation Tea for increased breast milk. A staple in tea gift sets for its simplicity and efficacy, this tea is a beacon of convenience in the beautiful chaos of motherhood, promising a quick, comforting brew that aligns perfectly with the dynamic rhythm of a new mum's life.
  • HERBAL HAVEN FOR BREASTFEEDING: Step into the herbal embrace of our Nursing Tea for breastfeeding mothers. Each cup is an infusion of nature's finest, a blend cherished in pregnancy tea and fertility tea circles alike. More than just mothers milk tea lactation support, it's a warm, herbal hug, accompanying you and your little one on the gentle path of nursing.


    Nursing Tea mix helps to increase your milk supply and relax and unwind mother and baby. 

    Overall the LACTO tea is the healthiest thing you can get for your breastfeeding. Herbs are the most natural way to heal the body! 

    Preparation: Infuse one tea bag in 250ml of hot water for 3-5 mins.