Prostate Tea 100g | Prostate Function Urination Loose Leaf

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Wonderful Prostamol Tea mix helps to maintain normal prostate function
Prostate Tea mix for urination problems

What herbs does the tea contain?
The tea contains:

- Prostate knotweed
- Cortex Corylli
- Corn Hair
- Restharrows herb
- Epilobium parviflorum
- Goldenrod
What are the benefits of drinking this tea?

  • PROSTATE SUPPORT BLEND: Discover a holistic approach to prostate health with our herbal tea specifically designed to combat prostate inflammation and urination issues. Infused with Prostate knotweed, Cortex Corylli, and Corn Hair, it's a health tea tailored for the modern man's needs.
  • RICH IN NATURAL HERBS: Dive into the healing wonders of our tea blend that boasts Epilobium parviflorum, Goldenrod, and Restharrows herb. Whether you're looking for a bedtime tea to relax or a kidney cleanse detox and repair, this herbal infusion promises comprehensive support.
  • AUTHENTIC BALKAN QUALITY: Revel in the premium essence of 100% Pure Herbal Tea from the Balkans. With no preservatives and no additional substances, our tea, whether served as ice tea or cold brew tea, is a genuine reflection of Balkan traditions combined with health benefits.
  • LOOSE LEAF GENEROSITY: Each box brings 100g of loose leaf herbs, ensuring that every cup is bursting with flavour and wellness benefits. From detox drinks for body cleanse to liver care tea needs, our blend caters to a broad spectrum of health preferences, making it a perfect herbal tea gift.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL: Committed to inclusivity, our blend is perfect for for any season, be it nettle tea bags for detoxification, cold water tea bags for a refreshing drink, or herbal uric acid tea for specific health requirements, our blend promises quality and efficacy.

Prostate tea improves supports the prostate function. It has anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect. It increases the bladder tonus.

The diuretic effect of restharrow root, mixed with willow and European golden rod supports normal function of the urogenital system and helps to return to normal life rhythm of men. 


Box contains 100g of loose leaf herb.