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Certified Organic Peppermint Tea 30g 

Organic Peppermint herb

Peppermint tea is a light, mild and refreshing tea with clean subtle flavour which gives you a pleasant cooling sensation and a wonderful delight to your sense buds. It reduces the stress and gives you placid pockets of time in your daily round.

Besides acting soothing on the nervous system, mint tea offers two more bonuses for the ladies.
The first - mint tea can help ladies who have excessive hair on the body. Excess hair, chest and stomach hair is due to high levels of male hormones, also called androgens. Scientists from Turkey say only two glasses of mint tea per day are enough to reduce the impact of these hormones.

The second very great advantage of mint tea over other herbal teas is that it suppresses appetite, helps with swollen stomach and stimulates digestion. In this sense, here is your new killer helper. Even if the mint tea does not do a lot of miracles with your figure, it will not hurt you, and it will also have a beneficial effect on your nervous system. And for a better taste of tea, add a slice of lemon and a spoonful of honey to it.


Infuse one teabag in 250ml of hot water for about 3-5mins.