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Certified Organic Rosehip Tea 30g

  • Antioxidant Powerhouse: Our rosehip tea, steeped with high levels of antioxidants, isn't just another drink; it's a health potion. These natural defenders shield your body, making it a key player in your detox tea collection, ensuring every sip goes beyond refreshment, diving deep into rejuvenation.
  • Fortify Your Immunity: As a cornerstone of herbal tea, rosehip is renowned for its ability to supercharge the immune system. While many see it as just another detox drink, it's a powerful ally in fending off ailments, making our rose tea bags a vital addition to your health regimen.
  • A Multifaceted Brew: This isn't merely a tea; it's a holistic experience. From aiding weight loss to being the soothing note in your calm tea routine, it's versatile. Suffering from joint pain or eyeing a detox cleanse? Looking for that perfect night tea? Our rosehip blend is the answer, holding promises of relief, relaxation, and rejuvenation.
  • Glowing Skin & Heart Health: Beautiful skin isn't just about what you apply but what you consume. The benefits of our rosehip tea bags extend to fostering healthy-looking skin and potentially guarding against heart disease and type 2 diabetes, making it more than just your average herbal tea.
  • Brewed to Perfection: Whether you're infusing our rose tea loose or using our meticulously packed rosehip tea bags, every cup promises consistency. Choose our tea bag box for a curated experience, and whether you take it as ice tea or a warm relaxing tea, it’s the epitome of wellness in a cup. For the finest experience, steep in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Drink it as a detoxifying morning ritual or a calming evening beverage. Enjoy the myriad benefits in every sip.

Rosehip tea has a tonic effect and tonic effect, it increases the body's defenses.

A light, delicate and invigorating drink with a pleasant taste and a rich source of vitamin C.

Ingredients: organic rosehip fruit

Net: 30g


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Rosanna Ponte
camomille and rosehip tea

we love these tea and we buy again and again since few years!