Organic Linden Tea 30g | 20 Bags

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Certified Organic Linden Flowers 

Ingredients: Dried Linden Flowers

  • SOOTHING AROMA & TASTE: Savour the delightful experience of Organic Linden Tea, offering 20 healthy tea bags packed with the goodness of linden flowers organic. Each 30g bag delivers a tea moment filled with the strong, pleasant aroma and delicious taste of linden tea organic, making it not just a beverage but a daily ritual of tranquility and enjoyment.
  • COLD COMFORT & PURIFYING EFFECT: Tap into the soothing qualities of linden flower tea bags, your go-to choice for easing common cold symptoms. Each sip of this linden herbal tea brings comfort to sore throats and helps clear stuffy noses. But it's more than just a comfort drink; these organic linden tea bags also promote a purifying effect on your body, making them a vital component of your daily health regimen.
  • DIGESTIVE WELLNESS & MOOD BALANCER: Enhance your everyday life with linden flower organic tea, a natural choice for harmonising moods and aiding digestion. Relish the dual perks of linden flower tea, which not only calms irritability but also nurtures your digestive health. This isn't just a herbal tea gift set; it's a daily ally for your overall well-being.
  • HOLISTIC HEALTH BENEFITS: Welcome the wide-ranging health perks of linden tea bags, your natural partner for complete well-being. Regular indulgence in this linden organic tea aids in managing urinary tract infections and cellulite, alongside fostering cardiovascular health. Each cup is a pledge to your enduring health, infused with the finest organic linden flowers.
  • SKIN & WOMEN'S HEALTH: Explore the gentle care of linden flower tea, a supportive selection for skin and women's health. This linden herbal tea, abundant in natural qualities, provides soothing assistance for dry or sunburnt skin and helps alleviate the discomfort of painful menstruation. Opt for this linden tea organic as your natural, attentive companion, thoughtfully prepared with the finest linden flowers from the tranquil Bulgarian countryside


  • Linden tea is popular all over the world for its strong pleasant aroma and delicious taste. It is a perfect everyday drink with a calming and fortifying effect.  
  • Relieves our condition for colds and flu. A cup of warm linden tea will reduce cough, sore throat and runny nose, and will also help sweat so your body can expel the harmful toxins more quickly. 
  • Soothes, removes the symptoms of irritability, especially if tea is sweetened with honey. 
  • Stimulates the digestive process, increases appetite, removes gases.
  • Helps fight urinary tract infections and cellulite because substances that keep water unevenly are discharged.
  • Reduces the risk of hypertension and cardiovascular disease.
  • Helps with dry or irritated skin and sunburn.
  • Relieves painful menstruation.

Country produced in: Bulgaria

Packaging: 30g with 20 biodegradable tea bags with a string