Cough Tea 30g | Broncho Tea 20 Bags

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Broncho Tea For Cough And Respiratory Tract 


  • Basil
  • Peppermint
  • Wild Thyme (24%)
  • Elderberry flowers
  • Liquorice
  • Marshmallow
  • GENTLE EASE: Our cough tea, a harmonious mix of Basil, Peppermint, and Wild Thyme, provides a gentle respite from persistent coughs. Each sip of this aromatic marshmallow tea brings the soothing touch of Basil, wrapping your senses while providing gentle care for your throat. Infuse one bag in hot water for 3-5 minutes and feel the warm embrace, making it more than just a tea for cough, but a nurturing, soothing ally.
  • BREATHING MADE EASIER: Discover the refreshing clarity in every breath with our Broncho Tea, a unique fusion of Elderberry flowers and Liquorice. Each cup serves as a delightful lungs tea, ensuring clearer breathing and a smoother experience. Our 20-bag elderflower tea pack combines taste and respiratory support, offering more than just a drink, but a breath of fresh air in your daily routine.
  • NATURAL GOODNESS: Step into the purity of nature with our thyme tea bags, offering a pure blend of Marshmallow leaf and a 24% concentration of Wild Thyme. With no additives, our marshmallow leaf tea bags promise an unadulterated journey to natural wellness, embodying nature's untouched essence and providing a wholesome sip of marshmallow tea in every cup.
  • EASY & EFFICIENT PREPARATION: Dive into serenity effortlessly with our Broncho Tea. Each liquorice tea bag offers a quick and straightforward preparation method, transforming 250ml of hot water into your personal haven of calm in just 3-5 minutes. This elderberry tea is more than a simple drink; it's a testament to convenience and effectiveness in every infusion.
  • HOLISTIC WELLNESS IN A CUP: Experience comprehensive well-being with each cup of our Broncho Tea. From the comforting Basil to the revitalizing Peppermint, every ingredient of our licorice tea bags is carefully chosen to provide a holistic wellness experience. It's not just elderflower tea; it's a nurturing journey that soothes your soul, elevates your spirit, and tenderly supports your health with every comforting sip.

The BioBRONCHO tea has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect. It liquefies bronchial secretions and facilitates their expectoration. Relieves coughs and related discomfort. It is recommended for cough due to upper respiratory tract infection, bronchitis, pneumonia. 

Thyme is a reliable component for the treatment of asthma, bronchitis, croup and angina as it successfully removes the secretions of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. Thyme contains several types of antioxidants - flavonoids, terpine, beta carotene, which cleanse the body from free radicals and help us to protect against the damage they can inflict. It also contains a thymol-specific antimicrobial agent that acts boldly to fight the different types of pathogenic microorganisms - viruses, fungi, parasites, bacteria.

Overall the BioBRONCHO tea is the healthiest thing you can get for your cough and lungs. Herbs are the most natural way to heal the body! 

Preparation: Infuse one tea bag in 250ml of hot water for 3-5 mins.