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Detox Tea 30g

Detox Pro tea contains herbs that help speed up metabolism and help cleanse the body of toxins. Dandelion roots are an excellent helper in detoxification and cleansing the body, purify the blood, act as a tonic and a delicate diuretic. Basil has strong anti-inflammatory properties.


Ingredients: basil stalk, dandelion root (20%), nettle leaf, ginger root, cardamom, turmeric root. 

  • DETOX WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS: KUKER's Detox Tea Bags blend Dandelion Root, Turmeric Root, and Nettle for a revitalizing experience. Each dandelion tea bag offers the cleansing benefits of Dandelion Root (20%). This 30g pack, rich in dandelion and nettle tea bags, is great for a detoxifying turmeric tea routine, helping you to feel rejuvenated with every cup.
  • SOOTHING HERBAL INFUSION: Our Relaxing Tea combines nettle leaf, with the calming essence of Basil, the robust flavor of Ginger Tea, and the soothing touch of Turmeric root. Great for unwinding, this blend is your ideal companion for serene moments, offering a delicious cup of ginger and turmeric tea that promotes tranquillity.
  • SUPPORT YOUR DIGESTION: KUKER's Herbal Teas feature a nurturing blend of Ginger and Dandelion Root. With the inclusion of ginger and turmeric, each cup is a belly-friendly delight, aiding your digestion while providing the warming flavors of dandelion root,nettle and dandelion root.
  • ENRICHED WITH ANTIOXIDANTS: Experience the potent combination of Turmeric Root and Dandelion Root in our Detox Tea. Each turmeric tea bag is packed with antioxidants, supporting your body's natural defenses. Enjoy the unique flavor of this turmeric and ginger tea, knowing you're indulging in a healthful and protective brew.
  • PURE AND SIMPLE INGREDIENTS: Our Detox Tea Bags are a testament to purity, featuring only natural ingredients like Basil Stalk, Nettle Leaf, and the invigorating blend of ginger and turmeric tea. Free from additives, this calming tea provides the wholesome goodness of dandelion root tea bags, ensuring a clean, plant-based addition to your wellness routine.

Nettle is rich in vitamins and is an excellent source of iron, calcium and magnesium. Ginger stimulates digestion and improves intestinal peristalsis. Cardamom is a powerful antioxidant and adaptogen, helps reduce acidity in the body. Turmeric root is known for its purifying power, works well on the digestive system, stimulates metabolism.

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