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FemoMax tea supports the normal functioning of the female reproductive system.

Benefits: FemoMax tea improves ovarian and uterine function. Supports neuro-hormonal balance. Strengthens the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection of the body.
Ingredients: Mint leaf, Calendula flower, Tarta flower, Turmeric root, Yarrow flower, Licorice root, Catnip stalk

Recommended for: potential support for the ovaries, uterus and female reproductive system in general. Although individual benefits may vary, some include:

Hormonal balance: Certain ingredients, such as licorice root and turmeric root, help maintain hormonal balance, which is essential for a healthy reproductive system.

Menstrual comfort: Peppermint leaves and calendula flowers are associated with relieving menstrual discomfort and cramps.

The anti-inflammatory properties are due to the turmeric root.

Support for a regular menstrual cycle: Yarrow and Tarta flowers are believed to have properties that support a regular menstrual cycle, contributing to the overall health of the reproductive system.

Stress Reduction: Catnip has calming, stress-reducing properties.

These benefits are based on the potential properties of the individual ingredients in the mixture.

Effect: The taste of FemoMax Tea can be described as refreshing and soothing. Together, its ingredients create a well-rounded aromatic profile with a harmonious balance of refreshing mint, floral undertones, gentle sweetness and herbal breathiness. The combination is designed to bring a pleasant and soothing experience.

Weight: 30 grams

Number of packets: 20

Collections: Bagged Tea, Women's Health Teas

Category: female tea, herbal tea, tea, women, Yarrow tea

Type: Tea

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