Ginkgo Biloba Mix 30g | Memory & Bloood Circulation Aid Tea 20 Bags

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Wonderful Ginkgo Biloba Tea for your Memory Refresh 

Ginkgo Biloba leaves
Peppermint leaves
Green tea leaves
Stevia Leaves 

  • MEMORY ENHANCEMENT BLEND: Dive into the cognitive benefits of our Ginkgo Biloba Tea. This brain booster tea is a harmonious mix of ginkgo leaves, peppermint, and green tea leaves, making each sip a step towards sharper memory and focus. Enjoy the unique blend of this herbal tea green, designed not just as a relaxing tea but also as a good ally for your mental well-being.
  • DAILY HEALTH ELIXIR: Ginkgo Biloba Tea, a premium Bulgarian tea, is your daily tonic for enhanced physical and mental health. Each cup combines the natural goodness of ginkgo biloba leaf tea with the refreshing zest of peppermint and the antioxidants of green tea. This brain tea is not just a beverage; it's a ritual that supports your overall vitality and mental clarity.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Experience the richness of nature in every cup of our Ginkgo Biloba Tea. Each box delivers 20 ginkgo tea bags, filled with a pristine blend of ginkgo leaves, peppermint, and green tea. Our commitment to excellence ensures you're sipping on top-grade ginkgo biloba herbal tea, free from artificial additives, offering a genuinely natural and refreshing experience.
  • CONVENIENT AND MESS-FREE: Embrace the hassle-free delight of our Ginkgo Biloba Tea. Each package contains 20 easy-to-use ginkgo biloba teabags, crafted without strings for your convenience. This smart packaging translates to a straightforward tea-making process, letting you enjoy your brain tea or relaxing tea effortlessly, anytime you need a mental lift.
  • NATURAL MEMORY BOOSTER: Step up your mental game with our Ginkgo Tea, a blend specially formulated for mental acuity and memory support, offering a natural solution to mental fog. Regularly enjoying this ginko tea means nurturing your brain with every cup, ensuring you stay sharp, focused, and ready for any challenge.

Benefits & Uses: 
Ginkgo tea is a restorative daily drain that improves the physical and mental aspects of human health. It is a convert memory refresher.

Packaging: 1 box contains 20 bags of tea with no string.

Shipping: Delivery with Royal Mail Tracked Delivery!