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Kuker Tea for the Immune System 50g

Content: Fruits & Leaves of Rose Hips, Lavender, Nettle, Coriander, Thyme, Wild Basil

Kuker Tea was inspired by the ancient Bulgarian rituals. Young and old dress up as Kukers with scary masks and bells around the waist. Through a dance performance they chase away the evil spirits and bring happiness to the people. Kuker Tea scares away the evil spirits from your body and brings you wellbeing and and good health.

50g Loose leaf premium herbs.

Preparation: To make the best out of Kuker Tea, start by measuring one teaspoon of loose tea per cup Boil water at 100 degrees and pour it over the tea. Let it infuse for 4-7 mins, consume. Be careful, it will be hot. Enjoy the blissful joy of Kuker Tea!