Lemon Balm Tea 30g | Melissa Officinalis 20 Bags

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Wonderful Lemon Balm Tea from the Heart of the Balkans

Dried Lemon Balm herb 

Benefits of Lemon Balm Tea
- Lemon Balm tea has a pleasant lemon aroma, excellent refreshing flavour, soothing and relaxing action. It can be taken hot or chilled at any time.

  • LEMON BALM RICHNESS: Each sip of our Lemon Balm Tea envelopes you in the lush essence of lemon, delivering a unique tea experience. These expertly crafted lemon tea bags are filled with the finest Melissa tea, ensuring a blend that's not just a drink but a soothing journey. With 20 lemon balm tea bags in every box, prepare to transform your daily routine into a serene retreat.
  • FLAVOURFUL CALM: Unwind with the harmonious blend of lemon essence and calming tea in our Lemon Balm Tea. These calm tea bags are your great companion for those moments when you need to pause and rejuvenate. The lemon tea drink you prepare will be an aromatic escape, a flavoured tea that's as much a treat for the senses as it is for the soul.
  • SOOTHING MELISSA OFFICINALIS LEAVES TEA: Discover the gentle touch of relaxation with each lemon tea bag. This relax tea is more than a beverage; it's a ritual, offering a calming tea experience that soothes with every cup. Let the delicate balance of lemon and herbal notes guide you to tranquillity.
  • LEMON TEA DELIGHT: Embrace the zestful aroma and the comforting warmth of our Lemon Balm Tea. These lemon tea bags are not just steeped in flavour but in tradition, offering a lemon tea drink that's both a flavoured tea and a ticket to moments of peaceful reflection. Each tea bag ensures a relaxing tea time, infused with the goodness of nature.
  • AROMATIC PEACE: Step into a world where each lemon balm tea bag is a gateway to serenity. Our Lemon Balm Tea, a symphony of lemon essence, is an invitation to a relaxing tea experience. This flavoured tea, delicately crafted and packed with care, ensures that every cup is a soothing, aromatic journey to peace.

Country produced in: Bulgaria
Packaging: 1 box contains 20 bags of tea with no string.

Shipping: Delivery with Royal Mail Tracked Delivery!