Lemon Balm Tea Loose Leaf 30g

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Rhodopian Herbs collected from the Rhodope mountains!

Lemon Balm Herbal Tea
- Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is a herb in the mint family. It is often used for culinary purposes to make teas, marinate chicken or fish, or flavor baked foods and jams. -
Lemon balm is also believed to treat a range of medical disorders affecting the digestive tract, nervous system, and liver. Its use dates back to the 14th century. - Often said to ease stress and anxiety, lemon balm contains a compound known as rosmarinic acid that appears to have potent antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Benefits of Lemon Balm Tea
- Lemon Balm tea has a pleasant citron scent, excellent refreshing flavour, soothing and relaxing action. It can be taken hot or chilled at any time. Bioprogramme is the leading herbal tea manufacturer in Bulgaria with 150+ types of tea mixes, including herbal medical additives. It works with the best herb collectors in the country guaranteeing a Top Quality 100% Natural Herbal Tea from the Balkans, No Preservatives, No Additional Substances.

Country produced in: Bulgaria
Packaging: 30g of dried herb