Ophtalmo Tea for Eye Health

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Supports eye health with its beneficial ingredients, offering a refreshing and invigorating herbal taste with a hint of sweetness from stevia leaves.


  • HOLISTIC EYE HEALTH SUPPORT WITH TEA HERBAL BLEND: Each of the 20 herbal tea bags in Ophthalmo Tea is designed for eye care, combining the benefits of eye supplement and the natural goodness of herbal teas. Ingredients like eyebright herb and Ginkgo Biloba, prominent in traditional sightcare, are used in our tea herbal blend, making each tea bag a step towards better eye health. This health tea is not just a delightful beverage but a commitment to maintaining optimal eye health.
  • ANTIOXIDANT-RICH EYE HEALTH TEA: Ophthalmo Tea, a potent eye tea, is rich in antioxidants, thanks to its green tea bags and cranberry leaves. Each of these herbal tea bags acts as a shield for your eyes, protecting them from oxidative stress. Regular consumption of this green tea-based health tea can contribute to reduced risks of eye health issues, positioning it as a must-have for anyone prioritizing eye care and seeking a natural, herbal solution.
  • NATURAL SWEETNESS IN EVERY TEA BAG: Our eye tea blend includes stevia leaves, offering a naturally sweet taste in every tea bag without raising blood sugar levels. This feature makes Ophthalmo Tea an excellent choice for those looking for a health tea that satisfies their sweet tooth responsibly. Enjoy the guilt-free pleasure of sweet, refreshing herbal tea bags that combine the goodness of green tea with the benefits of an eye supplement.
  • SOOTHING MINT TEA EXPERIENCE: Enjoy the refreshing taste of mint tea with Ophthalmo Tea's mint leaf component, designed to provide a soothing experience while potentially easing eye strain. Each mint tea bag delivers a rejuvenating break, perfect for those seeking a health tea that offers both physical and mental relaxation. Ideal for anyone in need of a comforting cup of herbal tea, this blend is a delightful retreat for your senses and a boon for eye health.
  • EXPERTLY SELECTED INGREDIENTS FOR EYE HEALTH TEA: Ophthalmo Tea, a unique eye bright tea, carefully blends ingredients like Aronia berries and eyebright herb, renowned for their benefits in eye care. This health tea, packed in convenient green tea bags, offers a delicious way to support your eye health. Each tea bag is a testament to our commitment to quality, ensuring that you enjoy not just a cup of herbal tea but a purposeful aid in your journey towards better eye health.

  • Benefits: Ophthalmo tea has a beneficial effect on cardiovascular activity, blood circulation and the supply of tissues and organs with oxygen and nutrients. It exerts a strong antioxidant effect. Improves eyesight.
    Ingredients: Ochanka stem, Ginkgo biloba leaf, Cranberry leaf, Mint leaf, Green tea leaf, Aronia fruit, Stevia leaf

    Recommended for: This tea blend is specially formulated to support eye health through its beneficial ingredients.

    Ochanka stalk is often used to maintain eye health and soothe irritations in this area.

    Research has proven the potential of Ginkgo biloba leaves to improve blood flow to the eyes.

    Cranberry leaves contain antioxidants that help protect the eyes from oxidative stress.

    In addition to the fresh taste, mint leaves potentially relieve eye strain and discomfort.

    Green tea leaves are another antioxidant-rich ingredient, including catechins, which have been linked to a reduced risk of certain eye diseases.

    Aronia berries are full of anthocyanins, which support retinal health and reduce the risk of age-related eye diseases.

    Stevia leaves add natural sweetness without raising blood sugar levels, making it a healthier alternative to sugar.

    The combination of the listed ingredients in this tea aims to provide a holistic approach to maintaining eye health.

    Effect: The taste of Ophthalmo Tea can be described as refreshing and invigorating. It has a pleasant herbal taste with a hint of sweetness from the stevia leaves. It brings a soothing and, at the same time, invigorating feeling.

    Weight: 30 grams

    Number of packets: 20


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