Root Chakra Tea 30g | Muladhara Balance Yoga Tea | 20 Biodegradable Bags

Kuker Ltd.



Red Muladhara Chakra is responsible for your sense of safety and securityand is blocked by insecurities and fear.

Wonderful Muladhara Chakra tea balances the first root chakra and brings more sense of security in your everyday life!

QUALITY GUARANTEED: Every Chakra tea herbal combination was created by our qualified holistic specialist Dr. Marian Ivanov, who is also a certified yoga instructor. Every herb for the Chakra Series has been carefully picked and combined to have the most balancing effect on your body and mind.

* Hibiscus
* Ginger Root
* Rose Flowers
* Strawberry
* Liquorice root
* Cinnamon barks

HEALING - Ensures good functioning of the adrenal glands and the locomotor system.
- Regulates bowel discharge.
- Effective Detox and nutrient exchange
- Inner peace, sense of stability, vitality.

  • Root Chakra Reinforcement: Our hibiscus tea-based blend, known as the Root Chakra Tea, promises to anchor you. Drawing from the deep essence of hibiscus tea, liquorice tea, nettle tea, cinnamon tea, our Root Chakra Tea assures you – the more you indulge, the firmer your sense of security becomes.
  • Grounded & Assured: Fennel tea is well-regarded for its balancing effects, and combined with the other herbal ingredients in our blend, you'll feel rooted, content, and safe. Beyond just a night time tea, winter tea, night time tea or autumn tea, this is your daily ritual to foster vitality and groundedness.
  • A Symphony of Herbs: Dive into a unique, invigorating blend encompassing Liquorice Root, Hibiscus, Rose Flowers, and more. From the warmth of ginger and turmeric tea to the sweet-spicy embrace of cinnamon tea, every sip takes you on a sensory journey. Each ingredient, like the spicy ginger tea, has been curated for its chakra-balancing prowess.
  • Your Mantra of Self-Love: "LAM - I love my body and trust its wisdom." As you relish our herbal tea, let this bija mantra infuse your spirit. Our herbal tea bags, whether they're filled with turmeric tea or hibiscus tea bags, are more than just a beverage; they're a vessel for affirmation.
  • Nature’s Healing Embrace: The finest way to rejuvenate your Root Chakra isn’t just through our cinnamon tea bags or liquorice tea, but by connecting with Mother Earth. Whether it's tending to a garden or trekking up mountains, pairing such activities with a cup of our herbal teas amplifies your healing journey.

Daily dose 2-3 cups per day.
Box contains 20 biodegradable tea bags.