Sacral Chakra Tea 30g | Svadhishtana Balance Yoga Tea | 20 Biodegradable Bags

Kuker Ltd.


Wonderful Svadhistana Chakra tea balances the second sacral chakra and brings more sensitivity and creativity in your everyday life!

QUALITY GUARANTEED: Every Chakra tea herbal combination was created by our qualified holistic specialist Dr. Marian Ivanov, who is also a certified yoga instructor. Every herb for the Chakra Series has been carefully picked and combined to have the most balancing effect on your body and mind.<br>

* Marigold
* Mexican Marigold flowers
* Orange Peels
* Turmeric
* Liquorice root
* Nettle Leaves
* Horsetail herb


- Ensures normal functioning of the sexual organs and sexual health. 
- Good condition of the bladder, urinary tract and small intestine. 
- Sense of harmony, an ability to enjoy life, high creativity
Daily dose 2-3 cups per day.

Box contains 20 tea bags.