Solar Chakra Tea 30g | Manipura Balance Yoga Tea | 20 Biodegradable Bags

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Manipura Chakra tea balances the solar plexus chakra. 

Wonderful Manipura Chakra tea balances the third solar plexus chakra and brings more sense of self-confidence in your everyday life! You will experience strong will, faith in oneself, optimism, activeness, responsibility, decision-making ability. 

QUALITY GUARANTEED: Every Chakra tea herbal combination was created by our qualified holistic specialist Dr. Marian Ivanov, who is also a certified yoga instructor. Every herb for the Chakra Series has been carefully picked and combined to have the most balancing effect on your body and mind.

* Yellow Bedstraw herb
* Chamomile Herb 
* Lemongrass 
* Peppermint Leaves
* Turmeric 
* Nettle Leaves 
* Thyme 


- Good kidney status
- Normal function of the stomach
- Liver, gall bladder, spleen and pancreas.  
  • MANIPURA CHAKRA TEA FOR BALANCE: Find your centre with our Manipura Chakra Tea, a calm tea that harmonises your solar plexus chakra. Infused with the essence of kuker root chakra tea and thyme herbal tea, this blend is your great partner for a balanced, serene day. Sip and let the unique blend of herbal relaxation tea restore your inner equilibrium.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS FOR INNER PEACE: Embrace tranquility with every cup of our nettle leaf tea, a key component of this relaxing tea gift. Paired with the soothing properties of chamomile and the revitalising zest of lemongrass, this yoga tea is your go-to for moments when you need to press pause and indulge in herbal tea for the pancreas and overall well-being.
  • SUPPORT YOUR WELL-BEING: Experience the nurturing touch of our solar plexus tea, a herbal elixir that aids in maintaining the health of your vital organs. Regularly enjoying this thyme tea not only supports your stomach and kidneys but also contributes positively to your liver, gall bladder, spleen, and pancreas health, making it more than just a calming tea.
  • DAILY DOSE OF HARMONY: Let the soothing blend of our solar plexus chakra tea guide you through the day. Ideal for those practising yoga or needing a moment of peace, this nettle leaf tea, enriched with the benefits of Manipura chakra tea, is your daily dose of calm. With each cup, feel the nurturing embrace of nature.
  • GIFT OF SERENITY: Offer the gift of relaxation with our relaxing tea gift, a thoughtful blend of plexus soothing ingredients. Whether it's a treat for yourself or a present for a loved one, this chakra tea, particularly our potent solar plexus chakra blend, ensures to be a cherished companion in every journey towards inner peace and renewed energy.


Daily dose 2-3 cups per day. Box contains 20 biodegradable tea bags.

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Super happy with these teas, taste is great and I look forward to gaining some benifits. I will definitely be purchasing again