Third Eye Chakra Tea 30g | Ajna Balance Yoga Tea | 20 Biodegradable Bags

Kuker Ltd.



Wonderful Ajna Chakra tea balances the sixth Ajna chakra and brings more ability to visualise and stimulates insightfulness. 

* Chokeberry 
* Rose Flowers 
* Eyebright herb 
* Lavender
* Peppermint  


- Ensures well-functioning of the vision, hearing and smell. 
- Normal sinus condition and high resistance to infections, ability to visualise, insightfulness. 
- Concentration and advanced logical thinking 

Daily dose 2-3 cups per day.
Box contains 20 biodegradable tea bags.

QUALITY GUARANTEED: Every Chakra tea herbal combination was created by our qualified holistic specialist Dr. Marian Ivanov, who is also a certified yoga instructor. Every herb for the Chakra Series has been carefully picked and combined to have the most balancing effect on your body and mind.