Thyme Tea Loose Leaf 30g

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Rhodopian Herbs collected from the Rhodope mountains!

Thyme Tea Loose Leaf 30g

Thyme (Lat. Thymus vulgaris) is a year-round plant with small cylindrical purple flowers, which today is widely used as a spice, and fruits, flowers and leaves are used as a remedy for various diseases of the body. Thyme contains several types of antioxidants - flavonoids, terpinene, beta carotene, which purify the body of free radicals and help us protect ourselves from the damage they can cause.
Thyme is an amazing herb from the Rhodope regions of the Balkans. It is the best herbal tea before bed.

Helps cure cold - . . According to a study, the herb is known to treat bronchitis and coughs. A cup of thyme tea is recommended for those with cold. 

Organic Thyme Herb

Preparation: Infuse one tea spoon in 250ml of hot water for about 3-5mins.Country produced in: Bulgaria

Packaging: 30g of dried herb