November 02, 2020

The two workers

The owner of a farm had two workers. One has worked for him for a long time. And the other was a young boy who started very recently, but quickly got to work and managed the farm even better.

One day the old worker found out that the new worker received five times his salary. He was very offended and decided to go to his master to clarify this injustice. After all, he was the senior here!

"My lord, forgive me, but I feel very offended. I know you decide which worker to pay how much for the work, but I'm still on the farm. For so many years, I've been on my feet every day, and I've always been loyal to you. Is it fair from you to give such a higher reward to this young man?"

The master listened to his worker's tirade, while watching something through the window, and finally turned to him and said:
"I think someone came." I think they are driving hay. Do you know anything about this?
"No, my lord," replied the worker respectfully.
"Well, go and see."
He left and after a while returned with the answer:
"Yes, my lord, that's right. They drive the hay."
"Do you know where they are driving it from?"
"No, my lord."
"All right, go and find out."
After a few more minutes, the old worker returned.
"I'm not very sure, but they seem to come from the Old Meadows."
-"And is this hay from the first or second mowing?
"I don't know, my lord, I didn't think to ask."
"I'll wait for you to learn and come and tell me."
"It's the first mowing, my lord!" He reported contentedly in another ten minutes.
- And how much do they sell it for?
- I do not know.
After a while the young worker came in and said:
"My lord, they have just brought hay from the Old Meadows.The hay is very nice, I checked it. And it's from the first mowing. They sell it a little expensive, but I managed to buy it for half price. I showed them where to unload it and they are almost done."
Then he went out and did some work in the yard. And the master turned to his old worker and said:
- Now did you get an answer to your question why some receive higher salaries than others less?

If you don't like what you get, change what you give.


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